Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids

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колко невероятно удачна и вдъхновяваща идея за подарък!

може да надникнете в Playful тук

а създателката на книгата е направила и видео към нея:

иначе краткото описание към книгата разказва това:

Perfect for after school or a rainy Sunday, Playful is a charming collection of 26 unique, modern projects for adults to make with and for young children. Divided into five categories—Playful Dress Up, Playful Toys, Playful Paper Crafts, Playful Repurposing, and Playful Art—the low-skill, high-style, low-cost projects include a tiger piñata, a parade of paper puppets, and a dollhouse made out of cardboard and bright duct tape. Sweet and straightforward, this enchant­ing book is sure to inspire many happy, colorful hours of making—and make-believe—among adults and the children they love.

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